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The demands of the job often create

Many law firms don’t operate their practice like they do their best cases.

They don’t run their firms the same way they would run a business.  They’re unable to retain the best people and their practice becomes a revolving door.  Their net profit is poor despite all their hard work.

Do you struggle with:

  • Working morning, noon, and night, and always having more to do?
  • Working hard but not making enough profit to show for it?
  • Knowing whether you’re ahead or behind in revenue projections?
  • Recruiting and retaining the best people?
  • Having the confidence your firm can grow without imploding?

There’s a better way:

  • Avoid wasted time and execute efficiently
  • Master the art of setting client expectations
  • Leverage your strategy to win more business
  • Drive more referrals through satisfied clients
  • Create a positive culture of trust & cooperation


Love Thy Lawyer

Where we talk to real lawyers about their lives in and out of the practice of law, how they got to be lawyers, and what their experiences have been.

The Law Entrepreneur

We talk about the complications that arise when hiring for your firm without systems in place, how a lack of standards and processes leads to unnecessary confusion, and how to find a coach that works well with you.

I’ve been there...

As a lawyer and businessman, I know what it’s like to navigate the complexities of a successful career. In today’s environment, attorneys don’t need theory or abstract ideas. Rather, they need practical business strategies to excel. Given the demands of the role, there are ups and down – setting up for the long game is what matters. Whether you’re an individual attorney, or running a firm, you can leverage my experience to drive your goals and succeed.

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